Bluestone lake cabin rentals
pet policy and agreement form

Welcome to Bluestone Lake Cabin Rentals. We offer a limited number of cabins for guests who travel with their pets, and have implemented a pet policy. Dogs and cats are the only pets permitted in the cabins. All pet owners and cabin renters must a sign a pet policy and agreement form upon check in.

  • There is a $100.00 cleaning fee for pets. Damages will be charged to your credit card. Repairs and replacement costs charged for damages will be assessed from a standard fee schedule.

  • Pets are permitted in pet-friendly cabins only.

  • A maximum of two (2) pets permitted per cabin.

  • Pets shall not be left unattended in cabins unless securely crated.

  • Pets shall be restrained in all areas at all times on a sturdy leash not to exceed ten (10) feet in length and in accordance with pet rules.

  • Guests must clean up after their pet(s) including the yard around the cabin.

  • Pet food cannot be kept outside as this could attract unwanted wildlife.

  • Pets cannot be tied up or chained in the cabin yard or porch.

  • Pets must be current on vaccinations and in good health. Certification from a veterinarian of vaccinations is required.

I have fully read the pet policy and agree to the terms and conditions. Initials _________

I agree to pay extra charges relating to damage caused by my pet(s). I authorize you to have additional

damage charges applied to my credit card. I also agree to indemnify Bluestone Lake Cabin Rentals and hold its employees harmless for any damage my pet(s) cause to third parties or the property of third parties. I also understand that Bluestone Lake Cabin Rentals has no responsibility for the safety or care of my pet(s) and release Bluestone Lake Cabin Rentals from all liability related to their care and safety. Bluestone Lake Cabin Rentals reserves the right to terminate my stay without refund should my pet(s) be considered a nuisance. Violation of this policy or damage will prevent me from participating in the program in the future.

Signature _____________________________________________ Date __________

Cabin No. __________